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Wile 78 - Grinding Grain Moisture Meter, The Crusher

SKU: WI017S Wile 78 - Grinding Moisture Meter
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Wile 78 "The Crusher", is a new generation high-precision crushing grain moisture meter featuring scales for over 20 different grains and seeds. The measurement result is produced quickly, in less than 20 seconds.

Features of the Wile 78

Measures over 20 grains and seeds specific to each country

Measurement takes only 20 seconds

Interactive LCD display in users own language

Wide moisture measurement: 3...40% dependent on the grain or seed

Accuracy: +/-0,5% under normal conditions

Easy to use and adjust calibration

Automatic temperature compensation

Calculation of average values

Specially coated teeth for longer life

Ergonomically designed cap

1 Year Warranty

Made in Europe

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