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Don’t let Aussie crop conditions dictate your yields.

Maximise your crop potential by adding high velocity air to your header with a Crary Wind System™ (CWS). The CWS will fit on most auger and draper heads and is easy to install.

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How it works

The CWS works by using the existing tyne reel and adding a manifold in front of the reel to produce a curtin of high velocity air over the cutter bar, feeding more crop over the knife, more crop in the grain bin & more money into farmers’ pockets.

What Headers Does it Fit?
Single Flow
Single Flow
Dual Flow
Dual Flow
Dual Flow
New Holland
John Deere

Gear Box Benefits

  • A Parallel shaft design reduces wear points and imposes field serviceability making it easy to maintain
  • 45% less moving parts versus the competition that are sealed and out of the elements
  • Compact design packs a punch allowing us to provide enough air for a 40 foot plus headers from a single fan when combined with a Dual Flow system.
  • Gear drive eliminates losses due to belt slippage

Additional Features

  • Flex hose allows fore and aft adjustments on-the-go
  • 12 Volt Electric Actuator allows for precise positioning of air curtain with in-cab controls
  • Direct Drive Gearbox™ efficiency drives the fan rotor
  • Optional Brush Kits reduce material buildup
  • Crary 8” custom fan generates high velocity air flow

Benefits of the CWS

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Crary Infinity Rotor™
outlasts other rotors by at least 3 times as long in both lab and field tests. Patent-pending carbide clad inside lower blade edges is designed to increase longevity.
Convenient Wireless Control System to setup and/or control your system. (Standard with CWS)
8” Aluminum Manifolds
are powder-coated for durability and reduced glare.
Electric Actuator
controls the volume of air from within the cab
Optional Patented Dual Flow™ 
provides an increased volume of air to both ends of the manifold.
Optional Feeder House Chaff Reduction Kit keeps the feeder house clear of debris.
Our Drop Tubes
are gusseted for added strength and durability.

Why Buy
a Crary Wind System™?

Dual Flow™ Technology

Provides airflow in two directions creating an even curtain of air across the entire cutter bar. The Crary manufactured fan coupled with Dual Flow system can produce wind speeds in excess of 300 kph at the cutter bar on head sizes up to 45 feet.

Long Lasting

The Crary® high pressure fan utilizes a Crary® Infinity Steel Rotor™. Natural dust and dirt particles can be coarse and abrasive. The patent-pending carbide-clad lower blade edges are designed to increase the longevity of your air system.

Less Volunteer Crop Germination

Additional yields also means less volunteer crop germination during the followings seasons preparations for seeding and reduces costs via less summer spraying.

Gearbox Driven

Air is supplied by an 8” blower shaft and driven by a Series II Gearbox™. This gives the CWS more air than competing wind systems that rely on belt driven fan rotors. A gear-driven system requires less horsepower, gives you more air, and a consistent air stream that doesn’t slip like belts do under load.

Increase Yield

West Australian farmers estimate that the CWS yielded an additional 60kgs per hectare when harvesting Lupins.

Reduce Shatter Loss

Proven particularly effective for shatter-prone crops such as lupins and barley.

Faster Ground Speeds

Farmers report they no longer wait for bunched crop to clear the platform. Faster ground speeds increase profits and reduce fuel expenses.

After Sales Support

Crary® systems carry a warranty guaranteed to protect against manufacturing defects and Harvestaire carries a range of spare parts to minimize any downtime

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CWS has a direct drive gearbox that drives the fan motor, the competitor uses belts. The Crary® gearbox uses less horsepower, gives more air, and a consistent air stream that doesn’t slip like belts do under load. In addition, Crary’s patented Infinity Rotor™  is built with carbide clad blades, which last up to 3 times longer than the competitors' aluminum rotor.
The CWS has successfully helped over 40 Australian Farmers increase yields by reducing losses no matter what crop conditions they face. 
In the USA, the CWS can result in an average increase of 1 to 4 bushels per acre. We are currently working with farmers in Australia to put more science around yield improvements across different crops, but a Doodlakine farmer estimates that he yielded an additional 60 kilograms a hectare with a lupin crop, which meant the CWS paid for itself after 1500 hectares.
We advise that it takes between 12 – 16 hours to build and have the system running. We are currently building a construction manual that will show farmers the quickest way to put it together.
Generally needs 1 horsepower per foot. So for a 45 foot CWS, you will need 45 horsepower. The direct drive gearbox requires less horsepower to run compared to the competitors who rely on a belt driven gearbox.
Orders for Australia are generally shipped twice a year to minimise the substantial freight cost from the USA to Australia. Due to the size of the units, importing via air freight is not feasible. Pre-Orders for Australia via the Harvestaire CWS Early Order Program, runs from December to February. Delivery of units for the Early Order Program, is typically around May/June. Allow 2 weeks for intra-state transport within Australia.
Current prices effective 1st December 2021. Please note prices are subject to change after this period. All prices shown exclude GST. (Dealer, Reseller and mechanic discounts do apply)
30” Single Flow $23,950
35” Dual Flow $27,850
40” Dual Flow $28,950
45” Dual Flow $30,950
Crary® guarantees the Crary Wind System™ product against any manufacturing defects. Harvestaire in Australia have a good understanding of our Crary ® products and hold a significant inventory of parts to ensure you won’t be left without replacement parts.

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